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What is ebeam

Focused, accelerated electrons to cut, link, paste molecules

Electron beam (ebeam) based technologies offer a great alternative to traditional industrial processes which are typically energy-consuming and can involve chemicals that damage the raw materials and the wider environment. ebeam has established applications in the printing, food and sterilization industries, but this is only the beginning. We know there are many applications yet to be discovered and we are committed to working with our partners and customers to bring ebeam innovation to a wider range of industry verticals .


Mastering the electron


Electrons are subatomic negatively-charged particles that can be found in everything around us. Electrons are fundamental to everyday applications; from simple processes including switching on a light bulb to heating food products in a microwave. Electrons touch our lives on a daily basis.



At ebeam Technologies we’ve harnessed the potential of the electron to achieve superior results in industrial processing and the key to this is in our high-voltage and high-vacuum lamp technology. Inside our ebeam Lamps, there are two circuits; one to supply electrons through a tungsten filament and the other to accelerate them away from the filament and towards the titanium window in the lamp.


The second circuit is set to a high-voltage to increase the size of the electric field that accelerates the electrons and therefore their speed as they travel out of the lamp. To minimize energy losses inside the lamp, an ultra-high vacuum is maintained to remove molecules such as those in air, which could obscure flightpaths and potentially slow or divert the electrons before they pass through the thin titanium foil window, which forms the required hermetic seal inside the lamp.

The benefits for the end-user

ebeam is a surface technology. Customers can precisely define the amount of electrons produced as well as the surface depth. For a more everyday example, depth and dose can be described through the analogy of snooker:

Depth – At higher voltages, the electron (white ball) travels faster and therefore penetrates deeper before its energy dissipates. The electron only carries the energy – the effects are seen in the sample (red balls) due to energy transferred from the electron. The depth at which the effects are observed depends on how fast and far the electron travels.


Dose – The energy imparted upon a given area of the sample (red balls), depends on how many electrons (white balls) you throw at them. The more electrons delivered, the higher the dose.



The effects of ebeam


Our ebeam Lamps utilise low energy electron beams (below 300kV) to affect surface molecules. Tuned to a specific energy, the electrons interacting with the object can:
● Inactivation of bacteria or;
● Sterilization of surfaces or;
● Transforming a liquid state to a solid (for example curing inks).

The different effects are illustrated here:



Start your journey now

ebeam enables industrial processes to become faster and more sustainable and offers all the benefits of increased efficiency and lower production costs.

Visit our Access ebeam page to find out more about running trials through our innovative program and see for yourself just how ebeam technology can benefit your business.