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EBLabs to help solving metal packaging coatings challenges

EBLabs to help solving metal packaging coatings challenges

Flamatt, Switzerland, 11th March 2019 – ebeam Technologies, the developer and manufacturer of electron beam (ebeam or EB) solutions, announce the installation of an EBLab200 at Metlac .

Known for its mission based on research and innovation, METLAC Group works every day to meet its customers’ requirements, following a clear vision: remaining a leading company in the global metal packaging business, while increasing its market expansion. And it is precisely with this vision in mind that the METLAC Group has invested in what the market recognizes to be the technology for the near future. "Our main objective is to add value to our customers' products in full compliance with the regulations in the sector in which they operate and using the technology that guarantees the least possible environmental impact", says Gianni Mirone, R&D Supervisor FCG at Metlac,  “ensuring  premium quality product can not ignore the respect of the environment in which we operate, especially now that the focus on the aspect of sustainability of packaging is a key aspect for all brands".

Nicole De Giorgi and Mina Errahali, both R&D Operator and Technician at Metlac, are convinced  "The EBLab is the ideal tool for the tests we engage every day at our R&D laboratory. It allows to test products with great freedom on the functional parameters of the electron beam technology".

Each EBLab features a sealed ebeam Lamp that allow for a maximum beam energy of 200 keV and transport speeds of 3–30 m/min, allowing doses of up to 450 kGy in a single pass. Trial samples may be as large as an A4 letter (216 mm ×279 mm) and up to 50 mm thick. With nitrogen inerting, the oxygen concentration can be as low as 50 ppm allowing researchers the freedom to work with oxygen-sensitive chemistries.

EBLabs are a key element of ebeam Technologies’ Access ebeam programme, which aims to make electron beaming technology accessible to all. Along with expert teams on hand to aid in the exploration of new industrial applications, EBLabs are present in the company’s Ateliers and Pilot Lines, located around the world.

If you have an idea that could benefit from our innovative ebeam technology, then please get in touch with our expert team here at ebeam Technologies to see how we can help translate possibility into reality.
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