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Turn your idea into a reality with Access ebeam

Turn your idea into a reality with Access ebeam

Good ideas are often hard to come by, but turning them into a reality can be even harder. Even if you are fortunate enough to imagine something ground-breaking, developing that concept and getting it to the point of being a viable working prototype are two very different things.

To reach the point of bringing a product to market, a great deal of hard work, expertise and investment is required. It can often seem a daunting, unachievable task, and so it comes as no surprise that in today’s competitive marketplace, businesses, R&D teams and academic institutions are constantly searching for cost-effective development strategies to enable greater innovation and to help bridge the gap between initial concept development and implementation.

In the past, a key challenge for those attempting to innovate and progress electron beam applications was lack of accessibility to appropriate technology with which they could test new concepts prior to implementing them. Our answer to this is Access ebeam.

Access ebeam provides state-of-the-art technology and expert support that allows for a variety of experiment and testing options. This helps our customers to improve upon existing product quality as well as to evaluate the economic viability of their potential concepts.

Where the story starts

Access ebeam begins with an initial introductory session – be it via a Skype call or a meeting at ebeam Technologies’ offices in Flamatt. It is an opportunity for the Access ebeam team to understand a prospective client’s objectives and background, and for the client to learn more about what ebeam can offer them by way of support.  

Typically, the EBLab is the most popular set-up for clients wishing to trial ebeam technology. This is in part because it allows a member of the Access ebeam team to walk the client through the parameters involved and how these can be fine-tuned to achieve different results.

It of course depends upon the company, but most people come to Access ebeam with an existing set of properties or a particular objective in mind. During both the initial and subsequent sessions, there is an opportunity for the client to experiment with varying substrates and parameters to see what ebeam technology can achieve and how the idea can be developed.

Overcoming obstacles

A key challenge is understanding the technology and appreciating how it can advance an idea. Many hear about electron beam technology and its advantages, but don’t have the technical experience to fully reap the benefits of it.

To ensure ebeam Technologies is the most productive partner, Access ebeam provides a three-pronged offering: knowledge, technology and talent.
  • we have the depth of knowledge required to turn ideas into a reality and can apply this to each customer’s specific situation and proposition, helping provide new possibilities in the application of electron beam technology.
  • we have an unrivalled technology offering. From ebeam tests on single applications in our Ateliers, to scaling up to continuous processing on our Pilot Lines, our technology allows you to play with the parameters and push the boundaries so that you can establish concept viability.
  • we have experienced people on the ground to offer support and to guide our clients through their individual challenges. Led by our team in Flamatt, and supported by other teams from across the globe, our network of experts work together to achieve a collaborative and global approach.
In such a competitive market, it is good business sense for clients to invest in technology and solutions which will set them apart. As such, we have many clients who use Access ebeam as their initial stepping stone in their journey to discover how ebeam technology can help them develop valuable solutions for their end-user customers.

Exciting times are ahead, because with Access ebeam, our clients are continuously discovering new applications for a technology that delivers higher throughput whilst being low energy and using zero chemicals – and all within a small footprint.

Interested to discover how Access ebeam could help you? Sign up now here and put your idea to the test, to see if it too can become a reality.  
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