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Scaling up to scale down: Enabling advancements in ebeam technology through innovation

Scaling up to scale down: Enabling advancements in ebeam technology through innovation

When J.J. Thomson discovered the electron in 1897, he began a legacy of innovation, one which has since elevated this humble particle to become the key to increased productivity and efficiency in numerous industrial applications.

Rapid advancement of electron beam (EB) technology throughout the early 20th century saw the discovery of EB-generated polymer crosslinking in 1952 by A. Charlesby, providing an innovative method of curing inks through direct material modification without heat, chemicals or waste, at increased throughput.

This process creates molecular polymer chains that are joined together by strong covalent bonds, resulting in a number of important enhancements, such as higher color gloss finishes and a tougher surface for superior scratch, tear, puncture and fade resistance (think impactful color printing on product packaging) and heat resistance (think thin plastics and foils for packaging and decoration). These are only two applications; in fact, the possibilities for new use cases are endless.

Whilst the discovery of the enhancements delivered by EB crosslinking was a key development in the adoption of the technology for industrial applications, the huge footprint and cost of the early systems made them far from accessible for most companies, limiting the number of businesses able to benefit.  


The new age

Although electron beam technology has been around since the 1950’s, today’s high-tech solutions have advanced significantly and at ebeam Technologies, we continue to commit ourselves to developing innovative solutions to make our customers’ dreams become reality. Standing on the shoulders of giants who uncovered the first principles behind this technology, we have endeavored to bring the business and sustainability benefits of ebeam to the wider market with our leading ebeam Lamp solutions. Our ebeam Compact features a vacuum sealed design that eliminates the need for a pump and enables easy maintenance and its smaller dimensions allow it to be easily integrated into existing production lines. This new generation of ebeam solutions provides increased flexibility, precision and efficiency – proof that small can also be powerful.

This great leap forward in terms of price/performance and miniaturization opens up a long list of new, game-changing applications in a wide variety of industries. Building on strong foundations, the ebeam Compact has revolutionized narrow-web digital inkjet printing, enabling label and packaging printers and converters to scale down the size of their infrastructure without losing productivity or increase production without expanding their facilities.


It’s got your name on it

Not only does ebeam’s innovation of a compact, sealed lamp open up the possibility of everyone benefiting from electron beam technology, but for food brands specifically, it means they can finally realize the many benefits of package personalization which other consumer brands have enjoyed for many years.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, personalization increases engagement with customers and drives sales. But food packaging manufacturers have been missing out on this opportunity due to concerns over photoinitiators in certain types of digital inkjet inks. Because ebeam inks eliminate the need for photoinitiators, food brands can now produce custom and individual packaging designs on indirect-contact food packaging at a competitive price point and in short production times.

The ebeam Compact not only enables high-productivity in the printing of packaging and labels, it also significantly reduces operating costs, as it is far less energy intensive than heat based processes and also eliminates the need for investment in chemicals and their disposal following treatment.


Achieving higher-throughput and greater sustainability

At ebeam Technologies, our innovation story is synonymous with sustainability. Our offering delivers significant improvements on business objectives, whilst providing benefits for the environment in terms of lower energy use and waste.

We realize that in today’s global market, manufacturers are not only focused on lowering operating costs and increasing efficiency, but that they also require additional flexibility and versatility to ensure that new technologies can function alongside existing infrastructure.

With our compact ebeam Lamp, we ensure that our partners and customers can deliver in each of these aspects; effectively scaling down on their infrastructure footprint whilst scaling up productivity and efficiency, all the while striving to drive greater sustainability in industry for the benefit of wider society.


If you have an idea that could benefit from our innovative ebeam technology, then please get in touch with our expert team here at ebeam Technologies to see how we can help translate possibility into reality.

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