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Revolutionizing egg sanitation for a smarter poultry value chain

Revolutionizing egg sanitation for a smarter poultry value chain

VIV Europe 2018 – Driving poultry production capabilities across the industry

This week, the doors will open to VIV Europe 2018, arguably the largest animal protein sector event globally. Industry experts from around the world will head to Utrecht, the Netherlands, to hear about the latest innovations in the animal protein production industry. 

Taking place during the International Week of Smart Food Production, the event will focus on new methods of driving efficiency, quality and sustainability in the food production chain. ebeam Technologies is committed to helping businesses achieve these objectives and our team of experts will be attending VIV Europe and the co-located Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA Europe) to discuss how ebeam can help drive greater value and sustainability in the poultry value chain. 

Speaking at GFIA Europe, Maarten Stolk, Business Development Manager, ebeam Technologies, will introduce our vision for chemical-free egg sanitation and will explore what this process will look like in practice, and the implications for the broader food production industry.

Challenges for egg sanitation treatments

Every year, approximately 1,200 billion eggs are produced worldwide. Beyond being used for direct consumption, eggs are also hatched to produce meat for consumption, and even for the development of vaccines. Before they can be used in any scenario, though, they must undergo sanitation processes to remove harmful pathogens. 
Traditionally, the most common methods for removing pathogens, viruses, fungi and harmful bacteria found on eggs involved the use of chemicals, some of which are damaging to the environment, and many of which, in the current market, are prohibited under increasingly stringent regulations. For these reasons, there is a significant and as yet unmet demand for sustainable alternatives which offer robust, fully-automated, high-throughput processing, with a high decontamination step and no decline in chick quality.

Pioneering bug free, drug free decontamination 

At ebeam, we’re aiming to establish a more sustainable and productive poultry chain that is better for the producer, the consumer and the environment. We have pioneered a prototype for innovative, sustainable, egg disinfection that completely removes the need for fumigation and other chemical treatments.  

How does it work? ebeam is a chemical free, dry and non-thermal treatment. Our low energy ebeam solutions administer the right dose of electrons at the right penetration depth to ensure that treatment only affects the surface of the eggs – inactivating harmful surface-based pathogens that cause food-borne illnesses such as salmonella and E. coli. The treatment also eliminates molds and viruses both in vegetative cells and dormant spores, to significantly reduce the bioburden.

With the elimination of chemicals from the process chains, the producers can increase workplace safety, whilst reducing the risk of unintentionally contaminating the products with persistent and potentially toxic compounds or their metabolites. In addition, ebeam enables dry inactivation, which offers improved egg sanitation biosafety levels compared to wet disinfectant-based solutions.

Furthermore, as many chemical treatments require long batch incubation periods, they can also realize significant efficiency gains when applying ebeam’s continuous high-throughput technology. 

Ready to beam for change?

With our new prototype, operating at industrial scale, we’ve taken the first steps towards establishing a more sustainable poultry production chain, whilst providing incentives through additional business benefits such as lower operational costs and higher-throughput. Are you ready to join us for the next stage of the journey?

If you operate a hatchery for egg and meat production, or are an OEM looking to pioneer the latest innovative and sustainable technologies for product sanitation, visit the ebeam Technologies booth (F66) at VIV Europe in Hall 7, between 20-22 June and speak to our resident experts Gregor Hommes & Maarten Stolk about the benefits of ebeam for your business application.

To learn more about making chemical-free egg sanitation a reality in the poultry industry, attend Maarten Stolk's presentation at 16:00 (during the 15:30-17:00 Meet the Innovator session), on Thursday 21st June at the Main Stage at the GFIA conference. To join this inspiring session discussing the very latest innovations in agtech, and featuring panel discussions with prominent industry players including FAO, Bayer, Unilever and Rabobank, follow this link.

For more information about how you can protect your produce by eliminating food-based pathogens through ebeam surface disinfection, click here

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