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Access ebeam: Opening the doors to innovation

Access ebeam: Opening the doors to innovation

Electron beam (ebeam) technology has come a long way since it came into widespread use in the middle of the last century. As industrial technologies have advanced – initially through the introduction of computers and digital management tools and more recently through automation and Industry 4.0 – ebeam has become increasingly more attractive, offering greater efficiency, lower running costs and higher throughput to manufacturers.

The long term challenge for businesses looking to adopt electron beam solutions has been the difficulty in accessing the technology and testing new applications before moving on to implementation and production. As any R&D department can attest to; businesses looking to implement a new process or technology solution face tough decisions and alongside the complexity of adoption, there is always a significant risk that the results might not be as envisioned at the outset.

We believe that it’s not only critical that businesses are made aware of the benefits of ebeam technology for applications in ink curing, polymer crosslinking and sterilization to name only a few, but also that they be able to test solutions in controlled conditions with expert support to enable the exploration of new production opportunities.

Why Blue is better than Green

At ebeam Technologies we are committed to developing an innovative and sustainable product portfolio, that provides cost reduction and productivity gains that can be passed from our partners on to their customers. We work with organizations around the world who want to change the way that they handle their business. Our technology is better than green, which comes with considerable trade-offs. Instead it’s blue; improving productivity and efficiency, whilst being far better for the environment than chemical and heat based technologies.

In addition, we pride ourselves on the increased flexibility on offer from our compact lamp designs, which ensure two things:

  • That our technology can be easily integrated into the larger platforms manufactured by our partners, or into existing production lines for customers
  • That we are able to offer a unique service to prospective clients looking to trial new applications before adopting ebeam technology

Discover why ebeam technology is right for you

Our ultimate goal is to open up electron beam technology to everyone and Access ebeam stands apart as a research and development center that provides everything visitors need to embark upon their innovation journey. Our Atelier facilities allow businesses to trial R&D applications to establish concept viability, before scaling up to continuous processing with the Pilot Line. In this way, we bridge the gap between the initial concept and the implementation of ebeam technology, and guide businesses through the process of tailoring our solutions to meet their needs.

We envision that through being able to trial ebeam treatment and production, partners and clients can see first-hand how they can harness the true potential of ebeam to develop new materials, test product quality, and ultimately transform the capabilities of their current operations.

Our global Access ebeam Atelier and Pilot Line facilities contain:

  • A fully functional EBLab from ebeam Technologies – a standalone, compact, and simple-to-use electron beam system that allows R&D teams to play with parameters and push boundaries  
  • Continuous Pilot Lines at selected locations offer continuous throughput for inkjet, coatings and substrate treatment and sterilization applications
  • Teams of our own ebeam experts to offer guidance on best practice and provide their combined wealth of experience to ensure that visitors get the most out of the experience and explore all of the possibilities on offer.

Access ebeam represents the combination of our core values and our unique technology offering, supported by our talented team and the might of our combined industry knowledge and experience. By enabling testing and proof of concept before discussing implementation, businesses can ensure that new development and production proposals are viable, significantly reducing the time to market and realizing gains in efficiency, productivity and sustainability, all at the same time.

To book a trial day at one of our global Access ebeam facilities, please contact us at info.ebeam@comet.ch. For more information, please visit the website.  

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