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5 Surprising Facts about ebeam Technology

5 Surprising Facts about ebeam Technology

Fact #1 There is nothing else out there like ebeam technology.

Yes, it’s true. The Comet Group was the first to develop compact ebeam technology. As of 2015, there is nothing like it available anywhere in the world. Sooner or later that will change, as more and more businesses start to realize the potential of compact electron beam technology. However, our would-be competitors are not even out of the starting gate yet. At ebeam, we have a head start, and we are not slowing down for anyone. We intend to innovate and lead. After introducing our first ebeam lamp in 2011, we are continuing to develop new electron beam devices. Soon, we will introduce even more compact models, including a miniature, lightweight, nozzle-shaped ebeam lamp that will allow even more flexibility and targeting precision.

Fact #2 The range of potential applications is seemingly limitless.

Sometimes, big things come from humble beginnings. We started with a simple idea: Take an established technology and make it significantly better—smaller, cheaper, lighter, easier-to-use, scalable, and more precise. All we needed was a world-class engineering team and a partner willing to help us develop, test, and apply the technology in a global manufacturing environment. Our parent company, COMET Group, has some of the top engineering talent in Europe, so the first part was easy. Next, food packaging giant Tetra Pak agreed to join us in a special collaboration, giving us the perfect partner to prove ebeam’s potential for low energy, contact-free sterilization.

Sterilization is just the beginning. Today, we are working with other companies and multinationals to extend ebeam technology into new application arenas—printing and curing, environmental technology, purification, the creation of new materials, and more. In addition, universities are purchasing our EBLabs (portable research labs) at an impressive rate, bringing experimentation and innovation with ebeam lamps into academic classrooms and research labs. Who knows what applications ebeam will be used for tomorrow? Whatever the future holds, we are excited about building on this burgeoning interest and working with academic centers in America, Europe, and Asia to realize the immense potential of this new technology.


Fact #3 The business case is even better than the environmental case.

Today, everyone wants to be green. Businesses want to prove their environmental worthiness and associate their brand with good practices. ebeam does that in spades. It reduces toxicity in the supply chain, allows chemical-free sterilization, provides low-energy curing with no heat or UV, and has the potential to create polyethylene plastics with new environmentally friendly properties. The list is long and exciting. But the business case for ebeam technology is better still. Less energy means less cost. More automation means lower head counts and higher speeds. Less toxicity means greater safety and security, and less demanding protocols that hinder efficiency.

ebeam makes a difference where managers need it—on the bottom line. ebeam is going to put smiles on the faces of a lot of COOs around the world, which is why non-disclosure agreements are proliferating like Swiss chocolate at our headquarters in Switzerland as early adopters try to get a leg up on the competition. And that doesn’t even begin to touch upon areas of application that are relatively unexplored. Indeed, entire new applications will be born from this technology that we cannot yet see or imagine. Will they be environmentally positive? It’s very likely. Will they save businesses money? Bank on it.


Fact #4 ebeam technology can scale.

As mentioned earlier, the first customer for ebeam technology was Tetra Pak—the world leader in food packaging. With a massive business, a demanding manufacturing line, and products that must be entirely safe and secure for consumption, the food packaging giant provided the perfect conditions to test the scalability of ebeam technology. Rest assured, our ebeam lamps have been carefully tested and vetted in the most stressful conditions. This technology can scale and provide a comprehensive solution across your manufacturing line, reducing toxicity in your supply chain and adding cost-saving flexibility and functionality to your production process.

Fact #5 ebeam can be custom-designed for your business.

Every business is different. Every manufacturing line has its own product-specific needs, and industry-specific regulations and challenges. At ebeam, we understand how to work with our customers to integrate our technology into their production lines, upgrade their manufacturing processes, and ultimately find a solution that works. We don’t labor under the illusion that one-type-fits-all. We thrive on productive, creative partnerships, often working closely and carefully with customers to design technology solutions that fully respond to any and all company-specific needs. We work hard for our customers and partners—striving to integrate ebeam technology seamlessly into their manufacturing centers, helping them reap the full rewards of this new cost-saving, energy-saving, time-saving solution.

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